It’s Pledge Generating Time! 

Our patented Avatar software takes traditional fundraising campaigns and transforms them into Pledge Generating Machines. By erasing foreign accents, and enabling our agents to sound like Wall Street pros, Avatar-powered call centers act as a stable annuity, while minimizing all additional expenses that come with running a campaign. If you’re looking for a steady stream of qualified live transfers, increased pledges per hour, or someone to handle all the heavy lifting of your campaign, Avatar software is the answer to all of your fundraising operations. With Avatar-powered agents, it’s always Pledge Generating Time.



Avatar-powered call centers operate under full compliance with state and federal regulations, 100% of the time.


Forget the days of cold calling. Your virtual team will do all of the tedious work for you to generate pledges for your campaign.


We handle all of the training, management, and incentivizing of your Avatar team. Focus on closing prospects, instead of training telefundraising agents. 


All your in-house agents have to do is collect the transmittals from your Avatar agents, or allow us to submit the verifications.


With unlimited trained agents available, Avatar-powered call centers can help you transform your current in-house call center, into a team of 100+ telefundraising pros. Our state of the art progress reporting system for DPH  allows you to track your successes with the push of a button, while operating under full compliance.
It's time for you to maximize your telefundraising potential. Let us help you get there. 

Non-Profit Telefundraising

Avatar Telefundraisers

By using our patented soundboard technology we instantly turn any Avatar agent into a seasoned telefundraising pro. With the correct emotion, diction and even regional accent for your sales presentation, we make telefundraising as simple as pushing buttons.

Eliminate Overhead, and More

Eliminate all overhead expenses and headaches associated with running an in-house call center. Never deal with agent script deviation, mood swings, or distractions, all while adding increased attendance. Your fundraising team will now be a delight as we do all of the heavy lifting! 

Your Pledge Team

With just a phone call you can start with as few as 10 Avatar agents and verifiers. Without any additional effort on your part, you can grow your Avatar Pledge Team to hundreds of agents in a single campaign, or add multiple campaigns to truly maximize your potential.

Verifications & Transmittals

Once an Avatar agent generates a pledge, we can provide verification agents who will confirm the donations and mailing addresses, or we can transfer the call to your verification team. If we do the verification, we can automatically upload your pledge files daily, to the fulfillment house of your choice for processing.

Build Your Pledge Generating Machine today!

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