Partner Program


Data Provider?

Triple your income & data sales by referring Avatar services to your existing and potential telemarketing clients.


Your Money Making Machine.

If you sell data to telemarketing companies, you already have the client base that is perfect for Avatar.

All you have to do, is refer clients to use Avatar services. In return, we will pay you a sizable residual on every Avatar-powered agent your client(s) contract with us. This is recurring revenue. Refer someone once, and get paid forever!


How Much Can I Make?


*With over 50+ resellers, we hand out commission checks monthly with earnings of over $100,000/month - not including their increase in data sales.

What Are My Minimum Earnings?

$400/week or $1600/month**

**With the smallest team size, 10 agents x 40 hours x $1/hr = You can earn $400/week or $1600/month from a tiny campaign on top of the data you sell them.

Increase Your Income

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