Top 4 Telemarketing Mistakes

It’s no surprise that telemarketing is a difficult occupation. Sales alone takes a very particular personality in order to be successful and prosperous. While being able to hide behind a phone may make a cold call appear easier, many people continuously fall flat on their face and become a projector of the quivering sales pitch – which we all know never ends in a closed deal. This, in return, costs business owners time, money, and office space. Poor performing openers and unmotivated, inexperienced telemarketers are an expense, not an asset. We’ve narrowed down the top 4-telemarketing mistakes, and why going virtual is the best way to increase your profit and neglect all other campaign setbacks.

1. I’m sorry, what’s your name?
Although a long-standing profession, many telemarketers still fail to introduce themselves to a prospective client off the bat. Whether you’re cold calling B2B, or B2C you’re most likely interrupting some part of their day. If you want someone to purchase something, enroll in a service, or donate to a cause, the least you can do is offer your name and business/organization. Fail to connect with your lead, and fail to close the sale.
2. Excuse me. Can I talk?
If you’re a telemarketer, chances are you don’t mind talking – but, when the talking turns into a dismissive interaction between salesmen and client, then there’s a problem. Many telemarketers believe they need to verbally dominate the conversation by injecting at every single point. Allow your prospect to ask questions, raise objections, and provide you with information – this is how you build rapport with them, assure credibility, and perfect your pitch. If you fail to be respectful, you run the risk of alienating your prospect.
3. Can you slow down? I missed what you said.
A cold call does not have to be exceedingly long, and most of the time, it only takes a few minutes to sense if the lead is either: qualified, interested, or not applicable. Many telemarketers rush through the call, speak too fast, and try to jump right to the end and hear their prospects answer. This is the way to fail. You want your prospective client to understand what it is your selling, and why it is beneficial to them – if you rush through the whole pitch, you’re going to lose them at “Hello.”
4. You don’t seem very excited about this product. I’m not interested.
Prospects can sense the attitude and energy of the person on the other end of the line. If you’re attempting to sell them on something, you need to sell yourself. Many telemarketers lack the spirit, attitude, and motivation that it takes to win over leads. If your telemarketer(s) is dull and lack intrinsic motivation, say goodbye to any potential profit/sales from their list of leads.

Avatar Outsourcing has taken into account each and every setback that is caused by poor performing telemarketers. By using our accent-erasing software, we’re able to ensure quality results and maximized profits due to our highly motivated, trained, and soundboard-powered agents. By producing a perfected, pre-recorded script, all our agents need to be is effective listeners, and press the corresponding soundboard button to continue the conversation. Our telemarketing agents never fail to introduce themselves, never interrupt or alienate prospects, and are always high-spirited and motivated. As our soundboard does all the talking for them, you never have to worry about them hiccupping, mis-pitching, or sounding unenthusiastic.

Find out how to virtualize your entire telemarketing team, and focus solely on closing the deals, instead:

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