It’s Money Making Time! 

Our patented Avatar software takes traditional telemarketing campaigns and transforms them into Money Making Machines. By erasing foreign accents, and enabling our agents to sound like Wall Street pros, Avatar-powered call centers act as a stable annuity, while minimizing all additional expenses that come with running a campaign. If you’re looking for a steady stream of qualified live transfers, or someone to handle all the heavy lifting of your campaign, Avatar-powered call centers are the answer to all of your telemarketing operations. With Avatar-powered agents, it’s always Money Making Time.



Our agents send qualified live transfers directly to you. All you have to focus on is closing the sale.


Your Avatar Team qualifies prospects through your soundboarded script to generate promising leads, and put you in a ideal position to close sales.


Stay on top of your campaign progress and success through our free data collection system. Track live transfers, closures, recordings, and more.


Our professional script writers will help you every step of the way to develop a strong and objection-filled pitch that will relentlessly entice your prospects.


With fully trained and seasoned agents, Avatar-powered call centers can serve as an add-on to your current  in-house call center, or as a brand new telemarketing team. Our state of the art progress reporting system allows you to track your TPH successes with the push of a button, while we handle the rest of your campaign.
It's time for you to maximize your profits. Let us help you reach the unimaginable.

Telemarketing Verticals

Your Money Team

Depending on your team size, you can generate up to hundreds of live transfers per hour. There’s no such thing as earning too much money. Grow your Avatar team, and experiment with new campaigns to maximize your profit potential,and surpass competitors at the same time.

Virtual Telemarketers

Let your virtual Avatar team do the unpleasant, backbreaking, generation of leads. Once qualified, Avatar agents send the lead directly to you. Spend 100% of your time developing and managing your closers, instead.

Generate Live Transfers

Our Avatar software generates live transfers for verticals across the board. From B2B, to B2C companies, services, and products, our software and agents are equipped to handle a full range of campaigns, and guarantee Money Making results every time.

Build Your Money Making Machine today!

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