Due to the recent FTC ruling, Avatar will only allow PACs, Charities, Business to Business and Campaigns with Opt in Data. If you need lead generation please call your reseller for options on our live voice agent program.



It’s Money Making Time! 

Our patented Avatar software takes traditional telemarketing and fundraising campaigns and transforms them into Money Making Machines. By erasing foreign accents, and enabling our agents to sound like Wall Street pros, Avatar-powered call centers act as a stable annuity, while minimizing all additional expenses that come with running a campaign. If you’re looking for a steady stream of qualified live transfers, increased pledges per hour, and someone to handle all the heavy lifting of your campaign, our Avatar-powered call center is the answer to all of your telemarketing and fundraising operations. With Avatar, it’s always Money Making Time.



Patented Avatar Software

About Avatar

With a newly built state-of-the-art call center, Avatar Outsourcing employs over 4,000 employees and generates over 30,000 transfers a day. With our patented Accent-Erasing software and a fully-American run call center, Avatar can maximize your profit potential with one simple call.

How It Works

Our Avatar soundboard software takes the complexity of a sales pitch, and reduces it to the simplicity of pushing buttons, allowing our agents to instantly master your telemarketing or fundraising pitch, generate live transfers or pledges, and send to your sales closers or fulfillment house.

Endless Profit

Without any investment of time or capital, with one simple phone call you can scale from 10 to hundreds of agents on a week-to-week agreement. We take all of the risk and you make all of the profit or activities generated.



Our agents send qualified live transfers directly to you. All you have to focus on is closing the sale.


Stay on top of your campaign progress and success through our free data collection system. Track live transfers, closures, recordings, and more.


Our professional script writers will help you every step of the way to develop a strong and objection-filled pitch that will relentlessly entice your prospects.


Once an agent connects with a donor, we can send the pledge to you, or to the fulfillment house of your choice for processing.


We handle all HR services, so you never have to worry about the daily hassles, additional needs, and expenses that you face when hiring, training and employing an in-house team.


Our offshore call centers & offices are fully American-run to make sure your campaign is managed exceptionally from start to finish.


We do all of the heavy lifting for your campaign; including the hiring, training, and management, of your Avatar team to ensure continuous Money Making results.


Forget sick days that set back your campaign and lose you profit. We have additional trained agents on standby in case your team needs any extra support.